Week 8- classmate convo


Last Wednesday I met Christian! Yay a new friend. So what I leaned is he is a freshman, just like me yay common interests. He is undeclared but most likely wants to do film in his future. He’s leaning more towards directing. Hey just like me before I decided to change my major… He doesn’t like public speaking which is something we don’t have in common. Bummer man. He went to Redondo high school and decided to come to Long Beach state because it was the cheapest option. Same man same.


Week 8- art activity


My experience was so amazing. Honestly I felt like a kid again and it was so much fun. I found myself at first wondering what I was painting but then I realized that it didn’t matter. At first it was harder than I thought. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake but then I was like wait just try to be a kid again. Let it go. I found it so fascinating that I kind of created something out of nothing. I loved the feeling afterwards. Mine obviously is not going to be displayed in any museums in the near future but you know I thought I did a good job. And so did my mom cuz she put it on the fridge. Haha loved this one.

Week 7 artist convo


Exhibition Information
Artist: Andrea Mejia
Exhibition: Word of the year 
Gallery: CSULB School of art
Instagram: @macndrees

About the Artist
The artist did a silk screen for the “Word of the year” exhibition. She used to watch animations and that’s what inspired her to be an artist. She is majoring in illustration bfa and is a 5th year here at csulb. She is possibility she is going to grad school. And is in a group print making show.

Formal Analysis
She has a comic book idea and her silk screen is based off a character from her comic book. She says that she doesn’t. She says she is okay with whatever happens but she would love to be published. She has also always been into comics. And her comic is about a group of minors who are supporting Everland, they are in fact slaves.

Content Analysis
She is from Downey and is graduating fall 2017. She likes crystals and art has consumed her free time. She was a business major but is not good at math. She has been drawing for 4 years now and she mostly does digital art. She feels art is a challenging major at first. Her art doesn’t have a general theme and she would love to do anything that has to do with art for her future.

Synthesis / My Experience
I really liked this exhibit. I thought it was a really cool way to showcase many artists abilities all while sticking to one particular theme. Hers especially was cool because of its backstory.

Week 7 classmate convo

Hayley has been underclared since she started here but might decide to be a business major. She says whatever she decides to be in love she wants to be business savvy. She likes marketing while also doing art stuff like commercials. For fun she likes to make up commercials. She has been working out and likes to run at home. Her favorite commercial was the Doritos commercial with the baby, and her favorite movie is scarface. She doesn’t really like scary movies but likes movies with a theme. IMG_6402.JPG

Week 6 Short story


Carmena Correa


CSULB School of art

There once was a 12 year old boy. He was interesting. And I say interesting because he was obsessed with memes. He thought about them all the time, he drew them all the time and he just couldn’t stop. When he was in class, at home, eating dinner, he even dreamt about memes. The funny thing is, even if you asked him what he wanted to be when he was older, he would have said he wanted to make memes. The boy was obsessed and his family and friends were starting to worry. Suddenly he was shutting them out and only going to school for attendance credit. He was never learning. Obsession is something that is hard to break. People get so hooked on routine and he was becoming obsessed with his own routine. Little did he notice that the people he loved were slowly leaving him. He wanted to do better so he got to work. He started making memes a hobby, not his whole life. He worked hard and started to notice that he was going to have a future as an artist. Now, we fast forward and realize that he used his obsession for memes to create an exhibit. And this is how the art came to be.

Week 6- flip book

I thought this project was very interesting to do. It made me think. I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do but then it hit me. I wanted to describe my life. I decided to describe, in other words, my situation and where I am today. I’m not gonna lie I got a bit emotional making my flip book. I’m not the best artist in general, but I put a lot of thought into my piece and I am happy with how “my life” turned out.


Auto drawing week 5

I did my automatic drawing with my sister. Since she is a kid we took it more seriously. But since I’m broke I couldn’t go buy the paper because I need to save. So I am sorry about that. We make use of the things we had and I borrowed some oil crayons. We shut out eyes and it sort of felt like it just went in a circle. Nothing else came natural I guess. We would do one color for a while and then switched colors and repeated that 5 times. I really think i get the idea that you should have everything should come natural when it comes to art. I’m really happy that we got the chance to do this.

Art care package week 4

I decided to send my art care package to my 6 year old sister in Seal Beach. I don’t personally think that sending someone and art care package is like sending a Snapchat but I guess I can see a little correlation. Sending someone a newspaper article is something you can do on Snapchat and I guess you could send a photo through Snapchat too and draw on something. But sending an art care package is way more personal. You get to personalize it to the person and you can really do that through Snapchat. Yes yes yes I do think that ephemera is precious. It definitely is not trash and I would say that it is a time capsule of history and that it does gain value over time. Yes I do think there is a difference. Art in the a museum is important and art we are sending can just be silly. Sending something physically instead of digitally is way more personal. Faster is better because you don’t have to wait but slower is better because you get to become more and more excited waiting for it. Yes love is something physically would do but digitally would not.

Artist convo week 5



Exhibition Information
Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us 
Gallery: CSULB School of art
Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artist
Yeri loves storytelling. She like to write and wishes to write one day. It’s one of her dreams and she loves it when people can relate to her own stories. She even said, “We are all writing a story of our own.” She doesn’t like that you are limited to conceptual art unless you have experience. She said, “Art should be for everyone.”

Formal Analysis
The “Color wheel” represents progression of time. She said she chose this because the world changes and so should her art. She also said it had a big deal with because she changed herself. Lastly, she said the broken glass in the last piece shows your reflection and can represent a lot of things, one being own insecurities. She claims we murder ourselves with our insecurities and it’s okay to accept them.

Content Analysis
Some of her hobbies include: writing stories, play video games. She always knew she wanted to be an artist but didn’t know what kind of art she wanted to get into. For a while she did animation art for a while. She claims we are always looking for a destination, that might be a dream school or a dream job. She asked me do you ever reach that destination?
There are so many destinations but we never reach the exact one we are looking for. It is in a different form.

Synthesis / My Experience
I personally loved how the exhibit was interactive. She was a very sweet girl and had her own opinion. I that that was wonderful.

Artist convo week 4

Exhibition Information
Artist: Katia Swihart

Exhibition: Description of a struggle 
Gallery: CSULB School of art

About the Artist
Katia has a BA in drawing and painting and uses things she is familiar with and she loves to use color theory in her exhibit. She likes to start from a general idea but likes to expand on that. Her inspiration draws from children because they don’t think too hard and she loves to collaborate with kids and she loves to collage things. Ever since she was little she knew she wanted to be an artist. When she was 7 she won an award and got praise from family. It meant a lot to her that her dad said he was proud of her because she doesn’t have a good relationship with him. That just makes her all the more motivated. She said that her entire exhibit is a jab at her dad.

Formal Analysis
She first found inspiration with the wet floor signs because she was working at Jersey Mikes and she found inspiration from the thief piece by using objects that are around her. Much like everyday objects.

Content Analysis
He bed piece was representing the nightmare she continues to have about her first sexual encounter. She even used the real bed sheet and towel she used and the body pillow was like a figure or person. The depth of a family piece was referencing a comic and she drew inspiration of the comic of a window. Her exhibit also represents her anxiety and depression.

Synthesis / My Experience
I personally really really liked this exhibit. I could really see the struggle she had with her dad and her anxiety. Although it was her own story I could really relate to it. I haven’t been in her situation but I could still feel it.