Week 14 classmate conversation


Mharjorie Garan is a chemical engendering major and this is her first semester here. She is a transfer and is now a junior. She went to Cabillo high school in Long Beach and wants to do pharmisutivaks which is making medicine and what not. In 5years she sees her self working in a big company having a family and kids for sure. She would like a nice house and some of her hobbies include: hanging with friends, sometimes hiking, but she doesn’t go out much anymore. Most of her friends have a family so they don’t go out as much anymore. She is also more of a home body and
works at a nursing agency as a nursing assistant. She is taking this class because she is required to take but definetly likes making new friends here. She feels that it’s best to just go straight to a 4 year school and also was a nursing major but decided she didn’t like it as much as she thought. She likes math and chemistry and the money is a plus.


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