Week 15 classmate convo


Alex Lebretln is a junior and a bio major here at Long Beach. He wants to be a pharmisutical. He’s from the San Fransisco area and like living up there but likes living here more. In his free time he likes working on his car, hanging out of friends and going to the beach and hiking. He works for Luxottica and he hires people. In 5 years he sees himself having a steady job, nice apretment with a dog. He’s going to Zion national park and New York and Cabo this summer. He likes to travel and wants to go all around the world.


Week 15 vlog!

I decided to do a vlog instead of the life planning video because I got really excited and it’s something I want to do this summer. I have a ton to learn but I can’t wait to get the camera I’m looking for and start shooting!

Week 14 classmate conversation


Mharjorie Garan is a chemical engendering major and this is her first semester here. She is a transfer and is now a junior. She went to Cabillo high school in Long Beach and wants to do pharmisutivaks which is making medicine and what not. In 5years she sees her self working in a big company having a family and kids for sure. She would like a nice house and some of her hobbies include: hanging with friends, sometimes hiking, but she doesn’t go out much anymore. Most of her friends have a family so they don’t go out as much anymore. She is also more of a home body and
works at a nursing agency as a nursing assistant. She is taking this class because she is required to take but definetly likes making new friends here. She feels that it’s best to just go straight to a 4 year school and also was a nursing major but decided she didn’t like it as much as she thought. She likes math and chemistry and the money is a plus.