Artist convo week 13

Gallery: CSULB School of art
Artist: Alive Andreini
About the Artist
Spacial illusions is her inspiration and she said that she doesn’t get inspiration from beauty. Landscapes effect the color choice and the neutrals make tension. She said that a muted pallet she could focus on structure. She is inspired by the questions she has and she is completing her mfa here at the moment. Her art is a critique of the picture. For example a golf course was her space and reduce it as much as possible.

Formal Analysis
She says that she always has one singular viewpoint and sees specific problems. She loves to use her choices and color to shift her work and transform it into something different than what she originally planned. She decided to go with her strength which was drawing. She likes to only see what is possible, not what she wants. So basically she follows her brain and not her heart. Which is, of course, totally okay.

Content Analysis
The artist says that she views her art as a way to show culture in America, which I understand but at the same time I do struggle with trying to find how a golf course is a depiction of American culture. Or how gray, black, and white lines on a canvas is symbolic of politics.

Synthesis / My Experience
I was fortunate enough to be in a lecture with the artist of the exhibit, which was pretty cool. But I have to say that at some points I seemed to wonder what she was talking about. I personally felt that it was more about the different textures that drew my eye. They seemed to be popping out of the canvas and showing different layers, not showing different forms of culture.


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