Week 12 artist convo

Gallery: CSULB School of art
Artist: Yujia Gu
About the Artist
Yujia had a dream to study here in the United States but there was an issue of worry. He and her mother were scared of the gun violence in America. She was taught the real horror in America today.

Formal Analysis
She wants people to realize that it is a big big problem and she did a great job. She told about how people in schools and large buildings are the most at risk for gun shootings. It scared me when I heard that because we are at risk every single day we go to school.

Content Analysis
She told the story of how when people see children, they are much more vulnerable. She showed true children that have been killed by gun violence. Especially when you are given a statistic, you can put it into perspective just how impactful messages like this are.

Synthesis / My Experience
I got the privilege to see something so true in the world. It’s sometimes hard to discuss the real problems in our world today. I got the opportunity to see facts. I am so happy I got to put this into perspective.


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