Week 11 artist convo

Gallery: CSULB School of art
Artist: Amy Duran
About the Artist
She is a senior here at csulb and her exhibit is about her own problems about never feeling like she fits in. She said she had anxiety for a long time and felt like she lost her inner child. The exhibit alone shows the representation of a child that forgets how to be a child. She is lost in an inner world of sin and evil.

Formal Analysis
She said she wanted to embrace her sexuality as a women, which is how she “lost her inner child.” She wants to remind people that you can be an adult and still be afraid of what’s to become and what is beyond. When you’re an adult you don’t receive the same affection you get as a child.

Content Analysis
She says that we should remember our childhood memories and memorabilia. It will remind us to be innocent and not to dive into things that could eventually hurt us in the long run. Take what you learn from your childhood and make it to who you will become in the future.

Synthesis / My Experience
Overall I really really enjoyed this art exhibit. It was so amazing and fun to experience in person. It made me think about the sins that I have committed in my life and how I should remind myself sometimes of the innocent child I was not long ago. I wish I could tell her how much her art impacted my life.


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