Week 10 art activity

This project was by far the hardest for me so far. All of the accessible cardboard I had was too small to be able to outline anything in spray paint. So my sister and I got creative. I had to trace my name out onto the board, then paint the design that I wanted, then cover the board with clear tape, take an exacto knife to carve out the take outlining the letters, then finally spray the inside of the letters and take off the tape. I know it isn’t exactly what was assigned but I believe that I took my own spin on things. I’m pretty happy with how the result turned out and I might even want to do it again to make a better one I’m not sure. It did take a very very long time to do but I did enjoy being pushed a little bit and my sister also tagged along too. She made her own fun design on a small piece we had leftover. This class is a fun way for me to bond with my family while doing my school work so I would really like to thank you for this.


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