Week 7 artist convo


Exhibition Information
Artist: Andrea Mejia
Exhibition: Word of the year 
Gallery: CSULB School of art
Instagram: @macndrees

About the Artist
The artist did a silk screen for the “Word of the year” exhibition. She used to watch animations and that’s what inspired her to be an artist. She is majoring in illustration bfa and is a 5th year here at csulb. She is possibility she is going to grad school. And is in a group print making show.

Formal Analysis
She has a comic book idea and her silk screen is based off a character from her comic book. She says that she doesn’t. She says she is okay with whatever happens but she would love to be published. She has also always been into comics. And her comic is about a group of minors who are supporting Everland, they are in fact slaves.

Content Analysis
She is from Downey and is graduating fall 2017. She likes crystals and art has consumed her free time. She was a business major but is not good at math. She has been drawing for 4 years now and she mostly does digital art. She feels art is a challenging major at first. Her art doesn’t have a general theme and she would love to do anything that has to do with art for her future.

Synthesis / My Experience
I really liked this exhibit. I thought it was a really cool way to showcase many artists abilities all while sticking to one particular theme. Hers especially was cool because of its backstory.


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