Art care package week 4

I decided to send my art care package to my 6 year old sister in Seal Beach. I don’t personally think that sending someone and art care package is like sending a Snapchat but I guess I can see a little correlation. Sending someone a newspaper article is something you can do on Snapchat and I guess you could send a photo through Snapchat too and draw on something. But sending an art care package is way more personal. You get to personalize it to the person and you can really do that through Snapchat. Yes yes yes I do think that ephemera is precious. It definitely is not trash and I would say that it is a time capsule of history and that it does gain value over time. Yes I do think there is a difference. Art in the a museum is important and art we are sending can just be silly. Sending something physically instead of digitally is way more personal. Faster is better because you don’t have to wait but slower is better because you get to become more and more excited waiting for it. Yes love is something physically would do but digitally would not.


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