Artist convo week 4

Exhibition Information
Artist: Katia Swihart

Exhibition: Description of a struggle 
Gallery: CSULB School of art

About the Artist
Katia has a BA in drawing and painting and uses things she is familiar with and she loves to use color theory in her exhibit. She likes to start from a general idea but likes to expand on that. Her inspiration draws from children because they don’t think too hard and she loves to collaborate with kids and she loves to collage things. Ever since she was little she knew she wanted to be an artist. When she was 7 she won an award and got praise from family. It meant a lot to her that her dad said he was proud of her because she doesn’t have a good relationship with him. That just makes her all the more motivated. She said that her entire exhibit is a jab at her dad.

Formal Analysis
She first found inspiration with the wet floor signs because she was working at Jersey Mikes and she found inspiration from the thief piece by using objects that are around her. Much like everyday objects.

Content Analysis
He bed piece was representing the nightmare she continues to have about her first sexual encounter. She even used the real bed sheet and towel she used and the body pillow was like a figure or person. The depth of a family piece was referencing a comic and she drew inspiration of the comic of a window. Her exhibit also represents her anxiety and depression.

Synthesis / My Experience
I personally really really liked this exhibit. I could really see the struggle she had with her dad and her anxiety. Although it was her own story I could really relate to it. I haven’t been in her situation but I could still feel it.




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