Artist convo week 3

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: Scry Baby
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: @klart760

About the Artist

Kevin Lopez is a print making bfa here at Cal State Long Beach. He says, “Print making allows for you to have several layers.” His favorite works is when there are 5 or more layers and you have to do it layer on top of layer. Some can be done one layer it varies on intention on creating your work.

Formal Analysis

He started as a drawing and painting studio art but there isn’t goo ventilation and it’s not good for your health. He got his first headache here and decided to switch majors for his health. He’s always been interested in art. His motivation is being able to connect with the viewer and writes out all of his ideas seeing it and turning it into your own. 

Content Analysis

He takes from his personal life. He is very environmental friendly and all of his art depicts crystals. “Some are me and some of my nephews” he even shows dogs. He looks to other artists, like Alex Gray, and does work based off of that. Having people look at his work is his favorite part about showing his art. He likes to make the viewer think and act upon seeing his work. 

Synthesis / My Experience

I personally really really liked the exhibit. It really spoke to me. The crystals are so interesting to me. I thought it was really cool that he pulled from personal experiences and used images from his family. 



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