Classmate convo

On class Wednesday I met my new friend German! Turns out we both are film majors. That’s pretty cool. We both do the occasional short film and are looking to direct in the future. I think ¬†we both agreed that we would be happy taking any job in the film industry though. I hope we get to learn more about how art can influence out lives!img_5877-jpg


Week 1 – Plaster Casting

Starting out college I had never even taken an art class before. This is all very new to me BUT I am very excited for this upcoming semester. First art project was plaster casting. I thought it was going to be pretty easy and although it was, I didn’t get the results my other classmates got. But hey that’s okay because I did end up getting a somewhat hand shape. I started off great and mixed the plaster and water perfectly. (one point for Jess) Then I made my hand shape in a hole and filled the plaster and waiting the 30 minutes. Unfortunately, when I took the plaster out my hand print was missing the fingers.(zero points for jess) If I ever do this project again I think I will now know what to do and it won’t be missing it’s fingers.